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Chubby Frog - Summer Journey 3D

4.8 ( 1408 ratings )
Hry Arcade
Vývojář: Teen Games, LLC

Summer...the most suitable time for adventures and globe trotting! This cute chubby Frog also wants to make a trip. Accompany it in impassable Jungle. Jump from one leaf to another to overcome the longest distance. Chubby Frog - Summer Journey 3D will show you, how amazing is it to be a frog.

But jungle stroll isn’t safe, so remember:

1) jump as fast as you can
2) be attentive, as leaves bend down
3) surmount the longest distance

Chubby Frog - Summer Journey 3D app suggests you not only a fascinating journey, but also:

- an ability to feel like a frog;
- increasing level of difficulty;
- chance to stay in private with nature;
- a real survival challenge

Clock strikes for the most incredible adventures youve ever had!